Clutch Bags Are Making a Comeback to Style from Day to Evening

Evening clutch bags have been off our radar for a while, but they're back in a major way and better than ever. Previously relegated to the realm of formalwear, our old clutch purses were tucked away at the back of our closets, waiting for the next party or business function. But why are clutch bags resurfacing? The clutch bag is becoming an all-day daily choice that we're carrying from day to night, thanks to scandi chic ladies and countless outstanding street style outfits. Here are five compelling reasons why clutch bags are resurfacing and why you should add one to your collection.

They add a twist to an outfit

Evening clutch bags provide a playful high-low edge to an ensemble by bridging the gap between formal and minimalism. Tuck a pouch-style clutch bag under your arm to combine with a maxi smock dress for a double-down on the easy-breezy vibes, or pair a clutch bag with straight leg jeans and an oversize coat for an unexpected formal touch.In either case, a clutch bag is considerably less anticipated than a conventional shoulder bag or tote, so it may help breathe new life into an old outfit with a unique approach to accessorizing.

Can be tailored to your exact requirements

Their sizes are equally as flexible as their fashions, ranging from little pouches that can store your lipstick and wallet to envelope clutch purses that will hold the novel you're working your way through. As the embellished clutchhas evolved beyond its formalwear roots, it may now be customized for every occasion, necessity, or ability to carry light. Women are seen carrying clutches as large as overnight bags at fashion weeks across the world, allowing them to hold everything and the kitchen sink, so the issue that a clutch won't contain your basics is long gone. Everyday clutches, which are often made up of one giant pocket, are roomier than they appear, and are increasingly being produced in larger and more adaptable sizes, ready to be taken to any and all events.

You’re getting 2 bags in 1

The fact that you get two bags in one is one of the main reasons why you should invest in the evening clutch bags. Most clutch bag models come with a removable strap, allowing you to use them in a variety of ways depending on whether you want a clutch or a crossbody purse on any given day. Furthermore, when travelling, your clutch may easily double as a cosmetics bag or a document pouch, offering multiple use. A clutch bag's simplicity makes it extremely adaptable; you can swap and change straps, dress it up or down for day or night, and you can be sure you'll get a lot of use out of a new clutch bag addition to your collection.

They require little upkeep

The fashion set, seen wandering from show to show, tuck their clutch purses under their arms for a laid-back look. Whether it's a traditional envelope form or a pouch design, there's something about a clutch bag scrunched up under the arm or clutched in the hand as if it was snatched on the way out that makes it the perfect low-maintenance, high-impact bag. Clutch bags are lightweight but typically considerably roomier than imagined, allowing you to carry all of your things without feeling burdened down or spoiling your look with a distracting bag strap. Clutch bags are a win-win for low-maintenance style and comfort. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best evening clutch bags, you can check out the wide collection at Mortal Eternity.