Handbag Illuminates Changing Role of Women in Society

These days, the average woman's purse is 16 by 11 inches and contains a small computer, make-up, money, identification, immunization records, driver's license and registration, dog potty bags, wallet, food for the kids, and so on. That was back in the day. In those days, the man who brought you out to supper was expected to bring the huge pocketbook!

A sumptuous French beaded everyday clutch may be adorned with Champleve Enamel, or Cloisonne, enameling over the metal frame, enhanced with pearls, imitation jewels, and porcelain medallions, commonly created by Limoges.

Handbags or embellished clutches were not always essential in the past, because women's gowns had pockets for decades, and we didn't need to get "out" often anyhow. In the 18th century, high society fashion dictated that a lady shows off her waist and hip form, therefore pockets were eliminated. Women who did leave the house needed to carry a few items, so they constructed their own bags, called reticules, which were basically bags with a drawstring. This was worn with a chatelaine, which was a waist chain. Women learned how to hand bead, crochet, and embroider these bags, which had two purposes: they exhibited the lady's needlework skills (a mark of a good wife), and also advertised their fashion sense to other women.

With the development of country-wide railways in the late nineteenth century, the world changed, and women travelled — and needed to carry more items about — therefore bags, still mostly in the drawstring design, grew larger. When staying close to home, however, a new style of bag was invented that was smaller, generally made of metal mesh and steel metal beads, and worn with a silver clip from which a short chain dropped from the sash or belt. A little silver linked flask for smelling salts or a keychain for home and furniture keys accompanied these small bags. These little pouches are sometimes mistaken for coin purses today. France remained the leader in beaded or embellished clutch and the center of the beading industry for bigger purses worn outside.

Because flash and glitter were in trend in the 1950s, the dinner bag was developed, and focus was placed on the design of the beading, which might be rhinestone work, sequin work, or imitation jewel work, and was carried as a clutch. As a result, a metal zip top was needed. In a reversal of the history of women's freedom, everyday clutches are still the evening bag of choice, and the smaller the clutch, the more it speaks of a guy someplace to handle the enormous wallet.

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