How to Make Pillow Covers Without Sewing?

If you are tired of seeing your same-ole-same-ole couch in the living room and need a quick and easy way to upgrade, you have arrived at the right place.Although it’s true that you have nothing against your current living room decor, however after a while, even the fanciest and awesome furniture gets kind of boring. It’s the same with pillow covers.Changing just a few of throw pillows, on the other hand, can completely transform the atmosphere. Get started on this making of no-sew pillow cover DIY right away.

However, this DIY isn't limited to couch cushion covers. A colourful no-sew pillow can be used on your bed, an outside seat, or anywhere else. This pattern can also be used to make floor pillows. There are no restrictions. For each season, you might just make a few pillow covers. For a particular occasion, you can make a pillow cover.Basically, this is a terrific method to upgrade your cozy home decor in a matter of minutes (and for a lot less money than buying a new couch!).

It only requires a small amount of fabric and a few minutes. Just grab your scissors and let's get this no-sew pillow covers DIY started!

What You’ll Need:

  • 5/8-yard fabric (54″ width)
  • Fabric fusion fabric glue (or similar)
  • 1 – 18-inch throw pillow
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Rotary cutter and mat (optional)
  • Iron (optional)

Here’s How You Can Make Pillow Covers Without Sewing – Step by Step Guide

  • Begin by cutting the following from your fabric to make your no-sew pillow covers: for the front panel, use one 20×20 square and 13x20 rectangles for the left and right panels.
  • Fold over ¼ inches of the overlap edges of the left and right panels and glue them down using fabric fusion. You can iron the hem line down if you're having trouble getting this edge straight and narrow.
  • Place the left and right panels, right sides facing, on top of the front panel, making that the corners are aligned.
  • Next in this pillow covers DIY, place a thin layer of fabric fusion along the edge of each of the outer edges to join the front panel to the left and right panels.
  • Allow for complete drying of the fabric glue. This normally takes around 30 minutes. You can use pins or even binder clips to keep the fabric in place if you're having difficulties holding it together.
  • Toss it on your couch and enjoy! Turn the pillow case right side out and thereafter tuck the throw pillow inside. That’s it.

Isn't that ridiculously simple? You'll love being able to quickly and easily change the look of your living room by simply changing the throw pillows on the couch now that you know how to make pillow covers without sewing.