It's Now or Never Deals on Premium Leather Handbags from the House of Mortal Eternity

Premium leather handbags are undeniably a center of attraction for women. In case you were looking for some of the best quality leather handbags for the best price, have a look at these now or never deals on premium leather handbags from Mortal Eternity.

Crossbody Boho Fringed Leather Handbag

This wonderful genuine suede leather crossbody handbag is suitable for women and is created with embossed leather patchwork embroidery. This handbag is a show-stopper that was created just for you.

The tan leather body of this leather crossbody handbag is ornamented with a rich fringe and a splendid embossed leather eagle design with a dominant theme of shells and golden studs, giving it a bohemian air. This one-of-a-kind piece is the right size for everyday use, with a strap that can be worn short or long, across the body, or over the shoulder. This leather crossbody handbag comes with one zippered compartment and an interior zip pocket. The lining of the compartment has a basic brown color.

Leather Fringed Western Cowhide Crossbody Purse

The Bohemian Fringed Leather Handbag for Women is part of Mortal Eternity's current collection. You can complete your contemporary/Bohemian Fashion look with this cross-body handbag.

The Turquoise Blue Cowhide Fur body is covered with fringe, Silver Braided Design, trim, and a prominent Shell Design, giving it a bohemian air. On the front, this leather handbag flaunts a turquoise self-leopard pattern and, on the back, it flaunts a whitish-grey self-leopard pattern. With an adjustable strap that can be worn short or long, over the body or over the shoulder, this one-of-a-kind item is the perfect size for everyday usage.

This is one of the premium leather handbags that come with authentic cowhide fur white mosaic tile with silver braided trim and pattern on the bag flap. It flaunts self-pattern fringes and stunning shell design, white mosaic tile with silver braided trim and pattern on the bag flap. The handbag's core is made out of shells with beads stitched in a lovely design.

Chic Distressed Suede Leather Fringe Bag

This tribal colorful beaded patchwork leather crossbody handbag in distressed suede leather will enhance any trendy or boho ensemble. This fringed tote is expertly created, giving it a long-lasting and fashionable way to stay organized.

This faded light grey suede tote shoulder bag features a beautiful floral abstract tribal beaded patchwork on the front. The bag comes with one zipped compartment and one inner zip pocket.

Boho Ethnic Embroidered Genuine Leather Cowhide Shoulder Bag

This professionally created braided embroidered leather crossbody handbag will complement your modern or Bohemian style outfit. For added glam, this tote is created to a high standard, with beautifully designed beaded embroidery and silver coin decorations placed to the bag trim.

Hair on a black cowhide beautiful leather braided embroidery on the front of this tote shoulder bag. The bag's trim features 9 silver coin accents. It also has one zippered compartment and one zip pocket on the inside.

Vintage Crossbody Embossed Patchwork Tassels Everyday Handbag

This one is a vintage genuine leather crossbody handbag from Mortal Eternity. It flaunts a beautiful metallic stone broach, embossed leather flap, and tassels with shells. This one-of-a-kind bag is the ideal size for everyday use, with an adjustable leather strap that can be worn short or long, across the body or on the shoulder.

This leather crossbody handbag is available in two colors: metallic silver grey and metallic gold. Three black suede leather tassels with shells embellish the soft leather purse. The bag comes with a beautiful golden black metallic embossed leather bag flap with a turquoise blue golden leather crisscross braided design. It has a beautiful stone-set metal brooch.

Genuine Leather Crossbody Handbag Beaded Embroidered Decorative Feathers

This is a beaded embroidered decorative feather genuine leather crossbody handbag. This leather purse is meticulously handcrafted to a high quality, with elaborately created beaded embroidered details. Patches, tassels, and feathers are guaranteed to draw attention.

The bag's front is metallic grey with silver trim and beautiful beaded embroidery.The embroidered patch is embellished with multi-color earth-toned small beads and pearls.The craftsmanship is exquisite and beautifully executed. Feathers with various colored beads are connected to the silver trim on the tassels.

The bag has one zippered compartment and one inside zip pocket. The leather handbag has a lot of space and would make an excellent summer accessory. You can simply pair it with any outfit of your choice to get a sleek and classy look. This purse is both utilitarian and stylish at the same time.

Crossbody Tooled Leather Handbag with Fringes

The best bag to accent your contemporary Bohemian appearance for all seasons is this tooled leather crossbody handbag with fringed leather tassels. Rich black fringe, Brown Turquoise tassels, gorgeous gold trim, a prominent broach, and White and Turquoise studs embellish the tooled leather crossbody bag. This unique purse has a leather strap that can be worn short or long, across the body or on the shoulder, and is the perfect size for everyday use. This gorgeous and useful tooled crossbody purse will quickly become your favorite.