Should a Bride Have a Clutch?

There's no denying that the wedding day is magical, but it also brings with it a lot of tension and anxiety. You might have some questions regarding clutch purse and phone etiquette if you're a bride, mother of the bride, or bridesmaid. Knowing this etiquette will relieve some of your tension, allowing you to enjoy your big day to the fullest! Is it necessary for a bride to carry a clutch purse? We've given you the answer based on our experience.

 A purse or clutch is a nice choice for a bride. However, the bride should normally place it somewhere before heading down the aisle.

 Worry not if some of your queries are still unanswered. We'll tell you all you need to know in this guide so you can go into your wedding day with confidence.


Is It Necessary for a Bride to Carry a Clutch Purse?

A clutch purse is an excellent choice for a bride on her wedding day. It's a useful item to have, whether you keep it close by or keep it in a dedicated area. Find one that is fashionable and utterly sophisticated to go with your wedding apparel. It's possible that you'll want to feature it in some of your wedding day photographs.


Clutch for a Wedding Day

It's vital to remember that when walking down the aisle, it's preferable to leave the clutch purse at home. There's no need to add anything else because you'll already be holding a bridal bouquet. This allows you to be more present at the moment while also focusing on the ceremony.

 Feel free to take the clutch or place it near your table in the reception area as soon as the ceremony is finished. It's possible that keeping it at the table will be the best option.


What Should a Bride's Clutch Purse Contain?

We believe that there are a few essentials that every bride should have on hand. We talk about them in greater detail below.


Lipstick or Lip Balm

As the bride, you want your lips to be flawless throughout the evening. Throughout the festivities, your lip colour will inevitably fade. Having lip balm or lipstick on hand is a great way to freshen up and keep your lips coloured all night.


Blotting Paper or Face Powder

By utilising these two things, you can ensure that your makeup stays on and that sweat is blotted away. Because you'll be snapping pictures throughout the evening, these products will prevent your face from becoming glistening from the many activities.


Mints or Gum

Nobody wants bad breath, especially on such a special occasion! The bride and groom will make their way around the room throughout the reception, greeting all of their guests. Bad breath should be the very last thing you want to have. Gum or mints are an easy method to keep your breath fresh.


Small Mirror

Maintain a professional appearance at all times. Having a mirror nearby allows you to double-check that everything is in order throughout the evening. Check your grin after eating and reapplying lipstick with ease. Hence, a small mirror is a must inside your clutch purse on your wedding day.



Over the course of this emotional day, happy tears are unavoidable. Having a bundle of travel tissues on hand is the easiest way to wipe away tears and keep your makeup from running.


Safety Pins

Hopefully, you won't need these pins, but they'll come in handy if you have any dress accidents. With safety pins, you can easily fix a wardrobe malfunction.


Stain Removal Pen

Accidents happen! Be ready in case something goes wrong, such as a spilled drink or meal. It might be difficult to keep a white wedding gown spotless all day, but having a stain remover pen on hand will assist.