Stylish Ways to Wear Statement Necklaces

Striking charm necklaces may elevate your entire ensemble. Adding a standout item to your ensemble is a simple way to make it more interesting. Statement necklaces are extremely flexible and can instantly liven up any outfit. A spectacular necklace can instantly add appeal to any outfit, whether it's for a date or a party, an informal or formal workplace appearance.

Distinct events, however, necessitate different styles. We've got you covered if you're unsure how to wear a striking necklace. There are several ways to wear this abomination of beauty with your clothing. Continue reading to learn how to pair a statement necklace with your wardrobe and bring out your inner diva. Visit Mortal Eternity to choose and buy from a wide range of charm necklaces.

Choose according to the event

One of the nicest things about statement necklaces is that they can be worn for nearly any occasion. However, you must be extremely explicit about the decisions you make. There are several choices accessible. Always select something appropriate for the situation. If you want to wear it with formals, pick one that isn't too flashy. Large statement necklaces may be worn with both casual and formal attire.

Color coordinate it properly

Color matching is essential for each accessory or piece of jewelry. Wear a colorful statement necklace with your neutral attire to add some color. For example, a blue statement necklace with a silver chain can be worn with simple attire or paired with a basic black dress. Aside from that, warm-toned colors will look great with warm-toned clothing, while cool-toned colors will look great with cool-toned outfits. For a more glam look, pair your basic clothing with a sparkly statement necklace.

Pair it with stripes and patterns

Many individuals wear statement necklaces with plain t-shirts and dresses because they provide the perfect canvas for the statement piece and make it stand out. A striking necklace may be worn with a simple black outfit. Who wants to live in simple shirts and skirts all of the time, though? You may mix and match different styles, such as patterned shirts and stripes, with your statement necklace. To keep it more suited for the workplace and professional, avoid wearing brightly colored or heavy statement necklaces. For a minimalist yet elegant aesthetic, use items in neutral and pastel colors.

Other accessories

Earrings may be worn with your spectacular necklace. However, you should avoid anything that is too big or too noisy. If you want a statement necklace to be the major focus of your ensemble, you should keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum. If you wish to wear earrings or other accessories, you should do it with basic pieces that don't distract from the necklace. Avoid making a mess. Make sure you select accessories that will assist you to pull your ensemble together.

Wear it with V-necks

With V-necks, adding a bold necklace piece will give your look extra depth. Fill in the gaps and accent your V-neck top with a bold necklace. Choose a size that corresponds to the neckline of your top or garment. Visit us at to buy from a wide variety of charm necklaces.