The 5 Best Sunglasses Trends of 2022

With a fashionable pair of best sunglasses, there is no better way to flaunt your sense of fashion or your personality. Choosing your new reliable summer partner might be a difficult challenge with so many types, colors, and sizes available. What are the eyewear trends for summer 2022 (and beyond) in light of this?

Here are the 5 best sunglasses trends of 2022.

Rectangular sunglasses for edge

Slim, rectangular sunglasses are here to stay! The summer of 2021 saw the rise of rectangular shades, which are still frequently used in 2022 but with significantly improved designs.

To provide a bit more eye protection and punch, the sunglasses of this season are bigger and frequently designed with thick, synthetic frames. Maya Jama, a British television, radio, and DJ personality, must have sunglasses that can keep up with her busy schedule. Simple rectangular sunglasses are a simple solution for both the streets and the recording booth.

Neon sunglasses that pop

Even more stunning sunglasses will be the upcoming hot trend in 2022. Yellow, orange, and pink neon-colored sunglasses lenses will be popular this summer. The current 90s trend, which can be seen in everything from clothing to bags and more, is reflected in bright neon colors. Even if worn alone, neon sunglasses can draw attention, but what if they are worn with all one color? Iconic.

White sunglasses for any occasion

Try fashionable yet classy white sunglasses instead of neon ones if you feel the brightness is too much for you. They don't have to be dull just because they lack color, though! You can go for these if you’re looking for trendy sunglasses. White frames are the ideal option for everyday use this summer and beyond when paired with a broad plastic frame and a retro style.

Metal frames are a timeless classic

It's not necessary to abandon classic materials for the past. In fact, metal frames have the capacity to remain fashionable season after season. This season, metal eyewear with softly colored lenses is sure to be a hit. Hexagonal metal frames are the ideal travel companion, stylish and intriguing for any summer vacation.

Mono lens sunglasses and shield sunglasses

Mono lenses are in! The fashion for eyewear has returned to the look that made celebs like JLo famous. Grab a pair of big shield sunglasses to cover up if you've tried thin sunglasses and they're not for you.  A bonus? These big sunglasses might be a fantastic technique to shield your eyes from UV rays.

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