This Christmas Give your Home a Brand New Look with Burgundy Red Cushion Covers from Mortal Eternity

Our furniture costs a lot of money. It's critical to safeguard that investment with pillow cover designs. There are various options for keeping your furniture clean, from zippered cushion covers to ottoman coverings and even a pet bed cover. In addition to keeping your furniture clean, zippered cushion and pillow covers can extend the life of your furniture and may even be beneficial to your health.

The Christmas spirit may be found everywhere. It's in the air, and you can feel it in your house and out in town.Because everyone else is using their old decorations, you'll need to bring something new. Your pillows are one of the things you can modify this Christmas, or at the very least cover them with Christmas cushion covers.

Throw pillows are the simplest way to add texture and colour to a room when it comes to holiday decoration (or any form of interior decorating, for that matter). However, if you haven't yet discovered the right Christmas cushion cover, consider some of these pillow cover designs to add a personal touch to your holiday decor.

Burgundy Sequin Satin Silk Pillow Cover

Burgundy Sequin Creative pillow cover by Mortal Eternity in burgundy red with gold sequins and beaded stripe centre panel embroidery is an ideal Christmas cushion cover. A zippered closure is included on the cushion cover. This lovely decorative cushion is beaded with gold sequins and beads to create a solid gold design that stands out.

Suede Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

On the design outline by Mortal Eternity, this burgundy suede pillow cover features geometric design and beaded accents.Any room, study, or accent chair will feel cosier with this pillow cover.This Christmas cushion cover will give your accent pillows a festive makeover. These covers, which have design patterns on a burgundy red, are ideal for Christmas and other winter holidays. The coverings are also machine washable, making cleanup a breeze.

Burgundy Red Velvet Throw Pillow Cover

Burgundy velvet pillow cover with hand embroidered bead and sequin in the centre by Mortal Eternity is a designer creation. This pillow cover is a one-of-a-kind design that will look great on your couch, bed, or accent chair.It’s burgundy red color coupled with beaded hand embroidery makes this a perfect Christmas cushion cover.

Renaissance Pillow Cover

The renaissance pillow cover by Mortal Eternity is a lovely option for people seeking regal luxury. With our exquisite renaissance pattern brocade pillow cover with tassels, this piece will not only define elegance but will also offer a sense of grandeur.This pillow cover design will add holidaycheer to your home.

Brocade Silk is woven by hand with a Zari thread, which is traditionally made of pure 24K gold or silver. The gold Zari weaving on this Christmas pillow cover is less expensive and easier to maintain in modern households.

Decorative Suede Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

The Mortal Eternity home collection adds a touch of glitz to every space. The metallic abstract pattern design on this beautiful suede pillow cover is complemented by self-print suede on the back. This pillow cover adds a touch of class to a sofa.This lovely Christmas cushion coveris of excellent quality and workmanship.

The colour and black abstract print with self-print Suede design are even more beautiful when viewed in person. This was a win-win purchase because it will provide your space the appearance of brand new coordinated throws to complement your curtains and carpeting without the exorbitant cost of replacing. Plus, it will also bring in a festive mood when combined with other decorative items rightly. The fit is perfect, with no puckering or pulling of the pillow on the inside. You’ll be quite happy with it and would buy it again.


Pillow coverings are one of those items that you can never have too many of. Your sofa or bed may be transformed from a neutral blank canvas to a kaleidoscope of colour in a matter of minutes, and back again. Mortal Eternity’s pillow coverings are textured to the max; embroidered, tasselled, fringed, with pom name it, we've got it all. If you're looking for something simple, our pillow cover designscome in a variety of rich jewel tones, birds tones, and subtle hues. Please note that we exclusively sell pillow covers and no inserts.