Why Are Crocheted Bags So Popular?

Crochets were invented by home-based needleworkers in 19th century Europe as a cheaper alternative to lace, according to the oldest evidence. After the potato famine in the mid-1800s, Queen Victoria began purchasing them from Irishwomen, and it gained royal patronage. But, as a trademark of the psychedelic age, its colourful and eccentric pattern became truly popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and it has been in production ever since. Honestly speaking, it is not difficult to understand why.

So, why are these bags so popular?

The sheer abundance of colour! There are various reasons why something created with crochets can quickly catch one's attention over its plain leather or fabric competitors. Even with color-blocking and other comparable strategies in place, achieving the wide range of colours that crochets can handle is nearly difficult. Plus, not all colours appear in their bright, saturated tones on all materials, which is where the crochet fabric fibres really shine. So, if you're drawn to bright colours, crochet shoulder bags are for you.

Crochets, on the other hand, provide a DIY, deconstructed look that you can create at home! So, if the thought of spending $10,000+ on an edgy Maison Margiela duvet coat is too much for you, the crochet trend could be a viable option (of course, Chanel has shown differently, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

Aside from that, as much as some of us despise admitting it, crochets are a year-round favourite. Imagine something that will go with both your summer sundresses and your grandma's Thanksgiving meal table spreads, while still invoking the comfortable, warm fall sentiments. Please, yes!

Plus, how about one more crocheted fact? Machines are incapable of producing them. That's true, each and every piece you see is produced by hand! So, remember that the next time you see a crocheted item, it's a lot more bespoke than your ordinary leather option. They also offer a classic aesthetic that's hard to beat. Crochet has long been regarded as a hallmark of modest elegance and carefree style!

Are crochets, on the other hand, all fun and games?

That's not entirely true. The most serious charge levelled against them? They have an old-lady look to them! Can you imagine yourself looking stylish in the same items that your grandmother used to make her pillow covers out of? No, we don't believe so.

Plus, crochets aren't the simplest to keep up with – image getting one of the strands snagged on a nailhead or even your wedding band, and the entire thing falling apart before your eyes – the horror! It's understandable that one would want to avoid crocheting altogether in that situation.

Crochet shoulder bag to watch out for

Having said that, there are a plethora of choices available on the market. Handmade crochet bags have proven to be the cosiest ready-to-wear trend to grace the celeb autumn wardrobes, whether it's this vivid wintry JW Anderson number styled by Harry Styles to pieces from Salvatore Ferragamo, Proenza Schouler, and Staud, or the current space-dyed variants from Missoni and Cult Gaia.

Boho chic handbag from Mortal Eternity

The handwoven sunshine yellow crochet cross body handbag by Mortal Eternity is a great summer bag for women. The thread is 100 percent silken cotton. It will be a lovely accessory for ladies and girls, crafted entirely by hand with excellent crochet work. There is one main bag with a yellow liner. Water bottles, umbrellas, wallets, makeup pouches, and other items can be stored in the oval-shaped bag.

You may keep your credit cards or keys in the little inner pocket. The leather strap of this handmade crochet bag measures 53" and may be used as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag. Great for casual daily, beach, shopping, dating, travel, school, or business use as a handbag or shoulder bag. For yourself, your mother, daughters, partner, or friends, this crochet shoulder bag is a stylish gift.