Gypsy Boho Shawl

Black Embroidery Shawl is perfect to accompany any outfit and can be worn to different events. Be the proud owner of this masterpiece which doesn't lose a tad of its glamour for years. Beautiful colorful embroidery on tropical print patterns makes the shawl stand out in itself.
  • Material- 85% Merino Pashmina 15% Silk
  • Size- 79"L x 28" W
  • Soft Subtle Sheen
  • Colorful embroidery- 3 different Colors
  • Dry Clean Only
Our pashminas are perfect for those cooler days and nights. Slip one into your purse and then use it over the shoulders to keep you warm. This pashmina is a quintessential cover-up for air-conditioned places as well as being a beautiful complement to your relaxed daytime outfit.

Pashmina shawls and wraps come in handy for many reasons. They provide shoulder coverage, warmth when the temperature drops, they're an easy way to accessorize your dress and change up your style with zero effort. They may become the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Perfect for any season, event or occasion!

Light yet warm, great as a bridal wrap, bridesmaids’ shawl, head wrap, hijab. These pashminas are great for indoor and outdoor events alike.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, anniversary, wedding, birthday, or other special occasions.